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Music as an expression

Windup Music is about using music as a way of expression, a creative outlet for kids as well as adults. Music can be a powerful tool that can help express certain feelings that words or other means of expression cannot achieve. Some young children might be shy and have a hard time expressing themselves. Using music as a way of communicating is one aspect of musical expression that I teach at Windup Music. I’ve created a positive and encouraging environment for kids to explore their imagination and experience the joy music has to offer.

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Learning music is not just about learning how to play and master an instrument. There are other components to the learning process that are just as important. What do you do with all the technique that you’ve accomplished on your instrument? How can you utilize those skills as a means of creative expression to experience the importance of music in your life? These are questions that are dealt with from the very beginning in the learning process. At Windup Music, I teach technique and instrument practice in a way that allows the student to explore and experiment with sounds that they are drawn to. I encourage students to compose music and inquire how you would express different moods or situations through sound.

Windup Music is a creative musical environment for students to develop their personal expression, communication, and love for music.

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