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About Windup Music

Windup Music explores music making through improvisation and composition, allowing for students’ own interpretation and creativity to be a strong part in their learning process.

This approach to teaching music is based on what we know from current research on how children learn and play. Older music programs are not as open to adapting their curriculum to each students’ needs.

The program introduces students to rhythms, melodies, composing, and reading from the very beginning, enabling students to develop their musical language to their utmost potential. Dividing musical education into levels is limiting to the learning process. By exposing children to all elements of music in a simple and understandable way, they will be able to further grasp and explore music without limitations.

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Windup Music Studio View

Julia Mermelstein – Founder/Teacher

portrait - Julia Mermelstein - Windup Music

Julia Mermelstein is the founder and teacher of Windup Music Program. She is a composer, pianist, and guitarist from Halifax Nova Scotia and received a BFA in Composition and Piano Performance from Concordia University in Montréal. Julia specializes in classical piano but is also experienced in jazz and pop music on both piano and guitar.

She began her musical endeavours as a classically trained pianist as well as venturing into song writing. Julia’s interest and passion evolved into composing classical music that combines her diverse musical background. 

She composes music for various media, bringing a unique perspective in how music interacts with different forms of art. Julia has composed for various dance productions, chamber music, as well as scored music for several short animation films that have been screened at festivals around the world.