Windup Music

Windup Music Testimonials

Here is a collection of testimonials from parents about their children’s experiences learning through Windup Music Program.

My daughter has been a student at Windup Music for less than a year, and she has already learned so much. Julia created a safe, comfortable environment which fosters creativity and confidence. She took the time to get to know my daughter and work with her taste in music to come up with lessons and songs that would inspire her to practice and learn. She encourages her to improvise and enjoy the music as well as the instrument itself, so my daughter barely needs any reminder to practice at home. I’m amazed at how far she has come in such a short time not only with her skill level, but her confidence as well.” – Sandy P.

Julia does a great job ensuring that our son is able to feel a sense of pride and ownership over how he’s learning to play the piano, while still learning technical fundamentals. He enjoys his lessons, composing and recording his own music, and the way she encourages him to progress at his own pace. We highly recommend Julia as a music teacher for youth!” – Michael P.

Windup has been the perfect introduction to piano for my daughter. She is excited every week to go to her lesson and Julia’s approach let’s her learn songs she is familiar with as well as making songs up which she loves to do. The best part is that my daughter likes playing piano more because of Julia’s teaching.” – Jessica W.

“My daughter Maya (9) has taken lessons with several different piano teachers over the years, but Julia at Windup Music stands out by-far as her favorite teacher.  Julia’s teaching style has been well-tailored to my daughter’s interests. Maya enjoys learning to play simplified versions of the songs she chooses, which keeps up her interest in learning music.” – Jacquelyn G.

“While we were originally worried our son would quickly lose interest in piano once enrolled in formalized lessons, Julia’s approach to teaching has been absolutely perfect. Because he is able to determine which songs he learns, he selects his absolute favorite. This ensures he practices at home, not because he is instructed to, but because he loves the music! Now he is able to use the skills he has acquired to piece together songs he wants to learn entirely on his own. Julia is a fantastic teacher, and has a gift for keeping children engaged. Most importantly, her method has not removed the passion for music our child possessed “pre-lessons” – quite the opposite – he now loves piano more because he is beginning to master the instrument.” – Kate W.

I like my lessons with Julia because she’s very creative and I never get bored. She knows lots of songs! I like hearing the songs I recorded. She sends those to my mom.” – from student Elsie A.

“Julia is a fantastic and versatile teacher who has developed an approach to learning music that is focused on what my child is interested in. I really appreciate that the material Julia uses for the lessons comes from the music he likes and brings to the lessons, and that she has incorporated and encouraged him to create and record his own musical compositions. He loves to take lessons with Julia and always leaves with a big smile on his face!” – Aaron R.

“Having a reluctant little boy means we are often signing up for and soon dropping activities. Our experience at windup up music has finally broken that cycle. Our boy is excited for his weekly piano lessons and proud of the little melodies he and Julia pen together. There is nothing cuter than listening to a recording of your child developing a love of music.” – Holly M.

“My daughter had always wanted to learn guitar, but was nervous about it. Julia has been so patient and encouraging with her, supporting her to learn at her own pace and allowing her to choose the songs she wants to learn, so she feels connected to the music. Julia’s gentle, kind manner is wonderful – she is a natural teacher and a gifted musician.” – Sarah C.

“Izabella truly enjoys her “Friday Piano Day”. Your patience and unique style of teaching keeps her both engaged and excited for her lesson.”  Martha C.,Izabella’s mom and greatest fan.”

“I’m amazed at how much my son has learnt from Julia in the few months since he started lessons with her. Her creative methods have helped him to listen and learn very quickly, and to appreciate the music that he is making with the guitar. She even taught him to create his own songs! My son has definitely imbibed the love of music from Julia’s patience, dedication and her own love of music, and we’re very happy she’s a part of his musical journey.” – Yuen K.

“Julia was teaching both of my sons. Both boys like music, but in two very different ways. Ben loved the opportunity to compose and develop the story from the classical compositions. George adored hands on music, rhythms and playing the instruments. We all learned and enjoyed Julia’s lessons.” – Hanna G.