Windup Music

Playing Piano With Two Hands

Playing piano with both hands is always a tricky step to take when progressing your skills. It’s more difficult because you’re now needing to split the attention and concentration across two limbs.


Same Material In Both Hands

Some great ways to begin to introduce this kind of coordination is through matching a right hand melody in the left. Try and play the exact same melody in both hands at the same time. This way, you don’t have to worry about a separate part for the left hand to play.


Another factor with this kind of playing, is about going through all possible coordination options between fingers and hands. This is about creating muscle memory. I created a few exercises that can help get students started in thinking about movements between fingers and between hands when playing.

L .H. & R.H. Coordination Exercises


  • I have actually constantly had an ear for music but could never make time in my life to learn nor have I ever had anybody to teach me. These lessons are great and extremely intriguing and helpful. I am finding out gradually. Thank you