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Piano Technique Tutorials

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m a huge fan of the composer/pianist Chilly Gonzales. He has a great set of short demonstrations of piano technique. Here is a youtube playlist of his tutorial videosĀ to check out:

Chilly Gonzales demonstrates how to compose a melody, different methods of using your left hand as an accompaniment, the use of the arpeggio, the power of harmony between bass and melody. He does a great job in relating traditional piano technique to popular music. He has two solo piano books that are fun pieces to learn to play but also work as etudes, helping your fingers to recognize and play different kinds of coordinations across the keyboard. As a musician, you want your physical coordination to not limit your musical ideas. This is why technique is an important part to learn. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s good to focus on both musical expression and technique, not one or the other. These videos show one way of combining both.

Hope these videosĀ inspire you to try out these musical ideas and piano technique on your own!