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Guitar Lessons in Toronto

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Windup Music is now offering guitar lessons in Toronto. What makes our lessons different is that we have the opportunity for students to record their songs with professional recording equipment. I like to focus lessons on creativity in music. I want students to be exposed to song writing and have the experience of writing a piece of music from start to finish, ending in a recording. Being able to write music helps students get a better understanding for their instrument and a deeper appreciation for the music they listen to.

guitar lessons Toronto

Guitar is such a great instrument for song writing, you can use it as to accompany vocals with chords or as a solo instrument for instrumental interludes between sections in a piece. Kids are quite familiar with the sounds of guitar since it’s used in a lot of popular music. This helps them to easily pick up on how chord progressions and melodies change with different stylistic features of genres like blues verses rock guitar sounds.

Try out a different approach to guitar lessons in Toronto with Windup Music.