Windup Music

Music Lessons for Preschoolers

Windup Music’s program was created to help expand the possibilities of learning music for young children. Most music lessons for preschoolers are offered in group settings because it’s an easier way to engage children of that age group. It is true that they have a shorter attention span and can’t sit still for very long. However, preschoolers would benefit greatly from having a one on one music lesson by improving their focus and concentration skills earlier on. I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the benefits of music education on child development, it is always better to get your child learning music as early as possible.

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Because children so young get distracted easily, it’s best to format exercises as games and involve a lot of physical actions like rhythm clapping or dancing to a piece of music and feeling the difference between various in tempos in music. I also find that involving drawing helps their engagement. This can be used in distinguishing moods or emotions in different kinds of music or drawing a picture and trying to recreate the image in sound. Private music lessons for preschoolers is possible, it may be hard for them to sit still for 30 minutes at first but after having several lessons they adjust and begin their music making journey.

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