Windup Music

Learn to Play Music At Any Age

I stumbled upon this adorable video of a two-year old’s attempt in singing the blues with his father jamming on guitar.  I thought it really represented how children can learn to play music at any age. Even though this child’s language skills are premature, he understands and connects with the sounds and characteristics of this musical style. Imitation of sounds is a key element in learning music, especially in finding your own musical voice. If children are exposed to different kinds of music early on in their development, they can learn to internalize melodies and rhythms through imitation. The voice is our primal instrument, so much of music is based off of the voice. That’s why a child as young as this can express musical sounds before he can form words. It seems that the blues really resonated with this child and probably listened to a lot of it at home. This would help him internalize the characteristics of blues singers voices and tried to imitate these familiar sounds. Its very similar in the process of learning how to talk, through imitation of sounds to then form words.

Encourage your child to listen to all kinds of music, see how they respond to it. You might be surprised how much they already know.