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Reasons for Kids to Learn to Play Piano

Piano is a great instrument for kids to be introduced to music. It is a fun and creative activity for children to learn to play piano.

The instrument has an easy visual layout for them to pick up on patterns and provides instant gratification in learning simple songs. The instrument doesn’t have a lot physical discomfort for young beginners, unlike guitar. It is easier for younger students to create coherent sounds and to learn recognizable melodies.

I find that having a piano background helps improve other kinds of music education down the road. It is the best way to expose kids to reading music because of how the keyboard is laid out. Students can quickly understand the patterns in moving notes across a piano staff. These skills apply to learning other instruments as well. The first instrument that I learned was piano but I later developed an interest in playing guitar. By having a background in piano, it helped me to learn guitar at a faster rate because I already had an understanding for finding patterns as well as acquiring physical coordination.

Now a days, keyboards can be quite inexpensive and portable, allowing for the instrument to be more accessible to families. Most of them now have headphone jacks so you don’t have to worry about making too much noise.