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Toronto Piano Lessons

There are many music schools in this city, but a lot of them use the same approaches. Windup Music stands out from what other schools are offering and teaching for piano lessons in Toronto.

Toronto piano lessons

It is easy to get caught up in traditional methods but it is not always the right way to expose music to children. Most music schools have a standard curriculum which focuses on technique, learning conventional pieces, and reading music. Not all children like learning music in this way and some really struggle with this method and lose interest in the instrument. I believe it is more beneficial to expose beginner students to all aspects of music making like composition, musical expression, melodic and rhythmic construction, etc.If you don’t limit their learning, students can excel at a faster rate.  If you can be creative and adapt concepts to students’ interests in a simple and concise way, young beginners can learn it; that’s what Windup Music is about.

I’ve had success in teaching four year old students concepts of tempo, pulse, how to construct melodies, and reading rhythm notation in their first year of learning how to play piano. This is a unique approach to teaching piano and I want to spread this type of learning for Toronto piano lessons.

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